The Best 10 Bed Frames in North America

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The Best 10 Bed Frames in North America

Choosing the correct bed frame is essential to ensuring a restful sleep for years to come. Selecting which frame is best for your style and lifestyle is it is often a difficult to decision to make, especially with so many available on market. Once you’ve decided what size your bed needs to be (single, double, queen or king), the next step is to determine the right bed frame style that best suites your needs. Below are just a few options to look over and consider before making a final decision.

Sleigh Bed Frame


Sleigh beds have a high headboard and a footboard either the same size or slightly smaller in height, thus looking like a sleigh or a sled. They can be made of a variety of different materials such as iron, steel, aluminum and wood like oak or pine. Some are made of wood and then wrapped in leather for a more luxe feel. Sleigh bed frames come in a variety of sizes including single, double, twin, queen and king, making them an excellent purchase for children and adults alike.

Due to their robust frame, sleigh bed frames are often purchased to fill a large bedroom. Consequently, they are not ideal for apartments which often have smaller-sized bedrooms. However, if you’re looking to purchase master bedroom set with matching night tables and dressers, a sleigh bed set may very well be exactly what you’re looking for to fill the room. Some sleigh beds even offer the added bonus of having a couple of storage drawers, perfect for keeping personal items such as pajamas, slippers or stuffed animals for kids.

Floating Platform Bed Frame


If you’re looking to update your bedroom’s antiquated decor and vibe, you may be interested investing in a floating platform bed frame. Just like its title suggests, this bedframe creates the illusion of levitating over thin air. Like common platform beds, floating platform beds are still low. However unlike platform beds, the frame is hidden beneath the mattress and therefore gives an appearance of it “floating”. Floating platform beds do not have footboards but often have large headboard which sometime incorporates a nightstand right into the design so the entire bed set is “floating”. Because of their modern design, they are often paired with other furnishings that are simple and elegant in design. Smooth lines and muted colours often dominate bedrooms with floating bedframes. They are  mostly available in larger bed sizes such as king or queen and are traditionally made of either wood or metal.

There is perhaps an equal amount of pros and cons when it comes to floating beds. Due to their low profile, floating beds are easy to get into at night. But it is for that very reason getting up in the morning may prove to be difficult for those with muscle or joint problems. Another advantage is the price: while you may spend a little bit more on a floating platform bedframe because of its stylish design, you will definitely save because you won’t need to purchase a boxspring. Having only one mattress on the platform plus having lots of open space beneath the bed means more air circulation. This means you are less likely to wake up because of the heat, which is good news should for those living in a country with a hot climate.


Bunk Bed Frame


Bunk beds are one of the most popular bedframe options for young children, as two of them can sleep comfortably in the same room without sharing a mattress. Mattress sizes are either single, double or twin (depending on the country of origin) and more often than not, both mattresses are the same size. The best material for bunk beds is arguably metal, as it more scratch-resistant and durable than wood. However, wooden bunk beds still dominate the market not only for their aesthetics but also because of their extra options such as built-in shelving, drawers and ladders.

Bunk beds are a great option for kids who are similar in ages, as they can share a room and still have space for other items such as a dresser, desk or toy storage. They are most commonly used by families who live in apartments or small homes in order to maximize the amount of open space.  Besides saving space, they are also more cost-effective than buying two separate bed frames and their respective mattresses.  Despite their advantages, there are some cons in regards to purchasing bunk beds. For example, making the top bunk’s bed every morning could prove difficult and getting out of the top bunk may be a little bit dangerous should the top bunk be too close to the ceiling.


Futon Bed Frame


Traditionally, futons are a type of Japanese bedding which can easily fold up and stored away. In western culture, they are beds which transform into couches by forcing the mattress to bend in the middle. They can be made of metal or wood, although the latter is the most common.  The average price of the futon will be determined by what kind of wood is used, as it largely affects durability. Any futon frame and mattress priced under $100 is often uncomfortable and not made to withstand daily use. It is worth investing a few hundred dollars in a high-quality futon if you plan on keeping it for years to come.

Futons bed frames are ideal for overnight guests. Futons are not a standard size; width-wise they are the same size as a queen-sized mattress but they are generally shorter than average beds. While it may be perfect as a guest bed, its short length may be problematic for tall visitors. If you do not plan on using your futon regularly as a bed, you may consider purchasing a zip-up cover to keep the mattress in good, clean condition.


Divan Bedframe


Not to be confused with a platform bedframe, a divan bed is a two-part bedframe set comprised of a wooden frame base and a mattress. Divan beds do not require a boxspring because the base of the divan (coupled with your choice of mattress) gives the bed its height and support. These kinds of bedframes have a variety of sizes including single, double and king.

Unlike futons, divan bedframes are excellent choices for day-to-day use and offer plenty of back support. Divans also have a variety of style options which are both easy attractive and practical.

For example, you can purchase a headboard seperately in order to match your existing room decor (i.e.  fabric tufted headboard or a wood-framed headboard). Additionally, you can purchase a divan bedframe with extra storage compartments. Because of their sturdy bases, a divan bedframe is arguably one of the most comfortable bed options for your guests The only con to having a divan bedframe is their cost: the base and the mattress itself can end up costing your wallet more than other bedframe sets and mattresses combined.


Canopy Bedframe


Canopy beds are one of the grandest, most enchanting bedframes available on the market today. Originally, medieval canopy beds were made for maximum privacy because servants often slept in the same room. Canopy beds have a pillar on each corner of the bed which almost touches the ceiling. Each pillar is then connected by a vertical piece of either wood or metal and fabric curtains are hung from the rails or all four columns are connected by means of a fabric roof.

Canopy beds were traditionally made of very thick, intricately carved wood with flowing drapery on all sides. While today’s canopy beds still evoke the same fairy-tale feel, modern canopy beds are made of thin metal or iron, do not have a roof and the drapes are thin and airy (if any). Canopy beds are considered to be one of the most luxe modern bedframes available because of their grandeur and rich history. Advantages include the ability to sleep in later if you purchase blackout drapes and if you live in an area riddled with flying critters, the drapes should be able to keep most of them out. On the flip side, you will have to wash the drapes frequently in order to keep them clean and you will require a large room in order for the canopy bedframe to fit without hitting walls or ceiling.


Trundle Bedframe


Mostly used in children’s bedrooms, trundle bedframes look like an ordinary single/double/twin bed but beneath the top mattress is a secondary mattress. The second mattress pulls out from beneath the first one to be used as a bed for children or as a guest bed for the occasional visitor. In addition to the secondary mattress, trundle bedframes sometimes also have storage compartments. Trundle beds can be made of wood, metal or a combination of both. Wooden trundle beds are the most common but like bunk beds, they easily get chipped and scratched. While metal trundle beds are more lightweight, reasonably priced and do not scratch like wooden bed frames, they do not last as long as wooden frames as do not offer storage compartments.

Trundle beds are excellent bedframes for families as they are decently sized for young children as they grow into teenagers. Plus, because of its second mattress, you don’t have to buy another bed for sleepovers or overnight guests. The only con to having a trundle bed is comfort, as the mattresses for this particular bedframe often does not have springs and are therefore less comfortable.


Poster Bedframe


Poster beds are very similar in style to canopy beds in that they have four vertical columns on each corner of the bedframe. However, poster beds are not connected on the top and you cannot drape any curtains on them. Four poster beds have all the luxurious feel of canopy beds without the unnecessary drapery. The columns can come in a variety of sizes and shapes but traditionally, they are made of wood such as mahogany, pine, maple, oak, walnut, etc. Poster beds also come in a variety of sizes but are mostly bought in larger sizes such as queen and king.

If you’re looking to be awed every time you step into your bedroom, a four-poster bed is definitely the way to go. While they may be on the more expensive end of the spectrum, poster beds have always been aesthetically appealing and will compliment almost any room decor.  They also come in a variety of heights: if you’re short, you may wish to purchase a poster bed that is lower to the ground. Otherwise, you may opt to purchase a taller frame in addition to your mattress to raise the bed’s height.


Murphy Bed Frame


Murphy beds are the transformers of the bed world. These beds are perfect for small rooms and rooms which require dual functionality. A murphy bed looks like a piece of furniture when not in use and when it is needed, it will fold out from its closed position. The mattress does not have a boxspring and instead sits on a layer of mesh or wood. It is perfect for small spaces because when it is folded, the room can be used as an office, sitting area, etc.

Depending on the model, a murphy bed can come out from a cabinet or wall fixture and sometimes even has storage compartments. Due to their complex structure, these bedframes are expensive. This bedrame also does not offer much in terms of comfort because it does not have a traditional boxspring. Lastly, murphy beds usually come in smaller sizes such as single, double or twin, therefore it is not recommended for more than one person. It is, however, the perfect solution for someone who lives in an apartment and needs to use their limited space for more than just a bedroom.


Wrought-Iron Bedframe


If you’re in the market to purchase a bedframe that is both eye-catching and inexpensive, you may want to keep your eyes open for a lightweight wrought-iron bedframe. They come in all standard bed sizes (single, double, twin, queen and king) and you have the option of purchasing boxspring. Wrought-iron beds are available in an array of colours (black, white, silver, gold, etrc) and can be made of just iron or a combination of both wood and iron for a classical look.

Wrought iron beds can compliment a variety of  bedroom decors from contemporary furnishings with bright pops of color to more sophisticated, modern decor with a muted color scheme.  Its durability really comes down to craftsmanship and whether it was properly casted. If so, you have a piece of furniture which may very well last you decades. Unfortunately, high-quality wrought iron beds also tend to be very heavy so may prove to be a challenge.