The Top 10 Transparent Ghost Chairs

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The Top 10 Transparent Ghost Chairs

If you’re looking to freshen up your living space or dining area décor this spring, transparent chairs are a smart choice for a multitude of reasons. We set out to discover the best transparent acrylic chairs available today and found 10 that offer clear advantages.

Transparent furniture may sound like something out of the Jetsons but a closer look at the features of clear, acrylic chair design will debunk any misconceptions about these highly versatile, durable and surprisingly comfortable seating options.

Decide your décor’s degree of drama

Perhaps the most striking feature of adding clear chairs to your living or dining areas is the sheer versatility they offer in terms of the look you want to achieve. Transparent furniture removes the noise from the visual space in the room, letting the calming focal points shine through.

Transparent chairs act as a neutral backdrop to that throw rug, pillow or table that you have chosen as the room’s focus. Or you can use the chair itself as the piece that makes the room’s look pop, topping it with an elegant cushion, or choosing a coloured transparency that partners with the flow of design in your space.

For decorating styles with stronger, darker colours, the addition of transparent chairs will brighten up the feel of the area without detracting from it. The textures and shapes of your spaces set the tone, with the chairs blending in nicely, like a tasteful afterthought.

Choose the degree of drama that you want your clear chairs to add to any room and they’ll perform, every time.

Re-think your dining space

Whether you’re trying to simply maximize the space in your dining area or you want to create a showcase experience, adding transparent seating can accomplish both effects at once. Dining rooms boasting a beautiful table, unique chandelier or even strong wall colouring or carpet, find unexpected benefits by replacing traditional dining chairs with a transparent choice.

You can truly find a transparent, acrylic dining room chair to suit any taste on any budget.

Stackhouse Transparent chair


This Stackhouse chair from Brayden Studios delivers classic character. Strong lines combined with the transparent acrylic creates the unique appearance of these chairs. Your dinner guests will

appreciate the defined shape of the chairs, while lingering over conversation in comfort for as long as possible. Offered in sets of 4 at $809.99 from Wayfair.


Ghost Transparent Chair



One of the more popular dining chair styles is modelled after the famous Louis Ghost Chair by Phillipe Starck []. The original took its inspiration from 18th Century royalty and, while it would be a lovely addition to your dining room, there are plenty of knock-offs available at a fraction of the price. Adding this bit of royalty to your home is possible for around $200 per chair, shown here from WalMart, both with arms and without. Prices vary but most online stores carrying transparent chairs offer this style. Mix and match these with your dining set for a classic and non-obtrusive feel. You’ll be surprised at how big your space will look and feel, as these chairs live up to their name with a ghost-like presence.

Looking to make more of a visual splash with your chairs? Order the Ghost dining chairs in one of the several transparent colours available (as seen in photo at top).

Chiavari Transparent chair 


Reminiscent of a wooden farmhouse dining seat, the Chiavari chair is often used for dressier events like weddings. It’s decorative but not too ornate, is lightweight and stackable, and is UV treated to prevent fading and discolouration. An interesting and practical design, the Chiavari is suitable for everyday use in your dining room, or keep a stack on hand for when you’re entertaining and need a few extra chairs. For additional colour and comfort toss a seat cushion on each one. With a price point in the $150 range this is a chair you’ll keep around for years; it won’t go out of style and will stand the test of time. This model is sold by WalMart, but you can find variations on the same style at a similar price. Best Buy carries the Chiavari style with a rounded back at a slightly higher price. It’s always smart to do your research on who has today’s best value before you commit to a purchase.

Tobias Transparent chair


You can keep things simple and very affordable with the Tobias clear dining chair from Ikea. This transparent chair is mounted on a chrome-plated, steel flexible base. The one-piece design of the base adds to the ghost-like effect of the chair by giving the feeling that you are floating when seated. And for the price tag of $99 you can probably afford to float on several of them. Saving both visual and literal space, these chairs are a great choice to complement any dining area.

The design styles of clear chairs also offer great options for finding just the right balance for your

gathering spaces. Fully transparent furniture lets you control the way an eye sees your room, with a clear flow of vision to key areas, uninterrupted by any hard lines and colours of more traditional chairs. Choose a clear chair with wooden legs, or a coloured transparent acrylic to connect the furniture with its surroundings and to add depth. For a stunning dining space, well-appointed wooden-based arm chairs for the table’s ends accompanied by fully clear side chairs creates a visually roomy, organized and stylish dining experience.

Bring balance to your bar

Continuing the smooth visual flow in an open concept kitchen/dining area is naturally and easily accomplished with clear stools in addition to dining chairs. Bar height seating measures 29” high with counter height coming in at 24”. Transparent stools used at a kitchen island or peninsula are a smart solution to the problem of wanting your seating to appear invisible when not in use. Styles available range as widely as those of conventional under-counter seating, so consider your lifestyle and desired level of comfort versus looks before you buy.

For a small taste of the what you’ll find, we’ve chosen two to highlight here.

Bar-height Zuo


The Zuo is bar-height seating that offers the ultimate in invisibility. With no back and no arms this stool is built for looks and functionality before comfort. But this design is intentional and with the completely transparent construction, this seat will open up your kitchen’s visual space by disappearing under your counter when not in use. WalMart offers these online for around $300 each. A sultry, smoke-coloured version of this model is available on Amazon.cafor $159. [LINK:]

Counter-height Ghost chair


This popular counter-height option introduces a higher, slighter version of the Ghost chair. The square back brings a strong eye-line to this stool while the completely transparent body preserves the space-saving feel and opens up the possibility for accessorizing with a bright cushion when desired. Even without the addition of arm rests, the ergonomic, contoured back of this stool offers relaxing support and comfort. Sold in sets of 4 from for $599.

Open up your living space

The most welcoming living areas, whether indoor or out, offer an uncluttered, thoughtful balance of space, colour and flow. Replacing some traditional chairs with transparent versions gives you so much more to work with in terms of controlling the visual perspective of your living spaces.

Tasha Transparent chair


The Tasha occasional chair introduces a subtly elegant accent piece to your living room or sun room. The high, contoured back and generous arms make it a comfy place to settle into with a coffee and a book at any time of the day. At 28” wide, 22” deep and 38” high, this is a full-sized arm chair that blends into the décor or your space, not appearing to take up as much room as a conventional arm chair. There are quite a few similar versions of this chair available, ranging in price from $400 to over $1,000, both with accent cushions or without. The Tasha from Baxton Studio on offers all of the features at the best price, $350.

Columbo Transparent chair


Looking for a piece that really makes a statement? Consider one of these designer chairs. This re-invention of Joe Columbo’s iconic 60’s design, by Kartell, is all about the flow of sleek lines. Looking like a piece of fine crystal, it will be the centrepiece of your living area and of your conversations. Giving the appearance of a larger chair, this piece is actually only 24” wide by 25” deep by 23” high. The smart design and deep seat make it a pleasure to sit in, although the price tag at $2,980 from is not for the faint of heart.

Wing Back Transparent chair


Made-to-order decadence in upholstered acrylic would begin to describe this nod to the famous Louis wing back chair. The transparent frame sets the modern tone, with polished metal fasteners smoothing the transition to the faux leather upholstery. You and your guests will sink into the well-supported ultimate comfort of this chair and never want to leave. On sale currently for $4,740, the regular price of $5,925 puts this extraordinary bit of art deco seating into an elite category. Sold by Kathy Kuo Home on you’ll need to allow 6 to 8 weeks lead time for construction and delivery.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner

Some pieces of furniture just don’t want to be pigeon-holed. Many transparent chair designs can be considered multi-purpose, finding themselves equally at home in the dining room, living room, a bedroom, or as a spare occasional chair wherever needed.

Princess Transparent chair


The Princess chair shape takes on a whole new regal air when it’s silhouetted in transparent acrylic. Its gentle lines make it a perfect addition to your dining table, while it would also make an attractive add-on to a bedroom dressing table or as extra occasional seating for guests in your living room.

It’s large enough to make a statement and small enough to squeeze in as an extra seat. The arms on this one give it a super-comfortable perch, but add on a seat cushion or even a throw for some colour and extra warmth if you like. You’ll find this one on priced at $230, or without the arms at $210. Order custom cushions for this popular chair on Etsy for both the seat and the back from $145. [LINK:]

Durability details

Giving the appearance of glass but made of lighter, less expensive clear acrylic, today’s transparent chairs are exceptionally durable. The acrylic furnishings market is widening as popularity grows; the versatility of working with acrylic is limited only by the imagination. The strength of the product means that it’s now being used to create not only chairs, but also sturdy, beautiful transparent legs for sofas and tables and bed frames, to name just a few uses.

Outperforming most traditional seating in terms of weather-ability, you can take your transparent chairs outside and use them as desired to extend your living space in a very contemporary way.

Start small and see where it takes you

Acting like the tofu of furniture styles, transparent chairs fit into any design schematic, lending just the right amount of flare to a room by taking on its flavour, and allowing other pieces to be the stars. Clear chairs are happy to be the best supporting actor in any situation.

Introducing transparent chairs to your home opens up endless possibilities, but you don’t have to make all of your décor decisions at once. Start small, play with accessories and space, and create a new look that’s fresh and welcoming.

Cleaning your clear chairs

Stay away from dusting cloths (can cause scratches) and window cleaner (can damage the acrylic). You can use soap and water with a non-abrasive microfiber cloth, or you can buy a commercial product like Brillianize acrylic cleaner. [LINK:]

Floor protectors for your clear chairs

Available in both square and round styles, you’ll find attractive, transparent non-slip floor protectors on 16 pieces will run you around $11. [LINK:]