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Eggree has a team of dedicated executives to serve wholesale clients who need to supply their stores with furniture products.

At Eggree, we are proud to offer a modern-day solution for furniture dropshipping!  With our dropship model, wholesale accounts, and custom DDP programs, we are accustomed at forming fruitful partnership with online retailers, brick and mortar stores, designers, and more!

Every piece of our furniture is manufactured using light-weight durable materials and is specifically designed for consolidated packaging for easy handling with reduced shipping costs.

We include simple, step-by-step instructions in our easy to read manuals along with tools necessary for assembly. And that’s not all, we partially assemble every piece of furniture to ensure quality and help reduce assembly time! Connecting the pre-assembled parts to one another is as simple as slipping a pipe into a fitting and tightening a set screw! So, once again, welcome to Eggree where clean quality furniture, customer satisfaction, and family, come first!

  • Quick-ship available for all in-stock inventory.
  • No minimum order requirement.
  • Easily accessible online inventory.
  • Helpful customer service and easy ordering process.
  • Container pricing available.
  • The immediate delivery of products.
  • Long-term partnerships with the best brands in the market.
  • Instant stock update.

Reliable collaboration with Eggree is a lifelong relationship with a professional aspect for safe and effective solutions.

For any information or inquiry, contact [email protected]

What’s DDP?

1. Providing the goods to the buyer

The supplier is responsible for delivering the goods and providing an invoice to prove delivery.

1. Payment

The buyer must pay for the price of the goods as quoted in the contract of sale with the supplier

2. Licenses and documentation

The supplier needs to have documentation in order to get export licenses so that they can move goods to the final destination

2. Licences, authorisations and formalities

The buyer must get any export license and import permit for the export of goods (at the country of origin and destination country)

3. Transport and insuranceThe supplier is responsible for the transport but there’s no obligation to provide insurance 3. Shipping and InsuranceContract of carriage – no obligation, this is the seller’s responsibility to cover costs and risk

Contract of insurance – no obligation from either party, although recommended

4. DeliveryThe supplier should deliver the goods to the place agreed by the buyer; it’s always advisable to make sure to be specific about the destination place. 4. Taking deliveryThe buyer must take the goods which are delivered at the agreed destination point and time
5. Transfer of risksRisk is transferred from the seller to the buyer once the goods are available to the buyer at the end destination port or terminal as agreed 5. Transfer of risksThe risk is transferred from the seller to the buyer once they have been offloaded at the agreed place of delivery – this means they must then bear all risks of loss or damage of their goods
6. CostsThe seller must pay for:

  • the cost of delivering the goods
  • loading costs and transport of goods until the port of destination
  • insurance from the point of origin and also for the main transport journey
  • export duties and taxes
  • customs formalities
  • import duties and taxes
  • customs formalities at the destination country
6. CostsThe buyer pays for all unloading costs
7. Notice to the buyerThe seller must notify the buyer that the goods have been delivered at the place of destination 7. Notice to the sellerThe buyer must provide a clear time of shipment and the port of destination
8. Proof of deliveryThe seller must obtain proof of delivery at their own expense, which is a document that allows the buyer to pick up the goods 8. Proof of deliveryMust accept the seller’s delivery document
9. CheckingThe seller must cover the cost of checking the goods for quality control, as well as measuring, weighing, counting, packing of the goods and marking them as required.

If a special package (e.g. fragile goods) is being shipped, the seller must inform the buyer and have them agree any extra expenses

9. InspectionUnless it’s a mandatory at origin, the buyer needs to pay any pre-shipment inspection
10. OtherThe seller must help in obtaining additional information required by the seller 10. OtherAssist obtaining additional information required by the seller

Benefits of DDP

The key advantages of Delivery Duty Paid are in favour of the buyer.

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