If you are in Europe, Please follow: Visit EGGREE.EU

If an item or a store does not comply with EGGREE’s policies, you can report it on https://www.EGGREE.com/. You can report items through the our email. [email protected].

To report an item or a store:

1.On the listing page of the item, choose this item to EGGREE.
2.Select your appropriate reasoning for reporting the item and add a note. If your specific reporting reason is not mentioned in the dropdown box, write the details to the email box.

Intellectual Property Issues
Reporting products or stores that do not follow policies helps EGGREE ensure transparency and authenticity in the marketplace. However, reporting should not be done for issues regarding intellectual property.
For intellectual property matters, please see EGGREE’s Intellectual Property Policy.

Problems with an order
If you are facing a problem with the order of your product, you should directly contact the seller.
If you have contacted the seller, but still the product was not delivered as described or it arrived later than the expected time, you can open a case. We suggest that before opening a case, you sort the matter out with the seller.

After you report an item or a store
After you report an item, a notice of reviewing the item will be sent to EGGREE, where we have multiple teams to monitor the products that are flagged in the marketplace. We will either contact the seller or take the appropriate action to find a solution to the problem.
In cases where investigation done by EGGREE will show that the seller or the product is following the policies of EGGREE, no action will be taken against the product or the seller.
In other instances, EGGREE will work on bringing a solution to the problems raised by flagging.
Flagging a single violation more than once is not appreciated, so please avoid doing it.

Reporting and Privacy
Reporting products or stores is a confidential task. Never will the reported member know about the identification of the reporter.
EGGREE handles all investigations with confidentiality. Neither any personal response against your report nor any updates on the reviewing process will be sent to you.

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