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EGGREE is an online marketplace where third-party sellers run their stores to sell unique products across the globe. Each seller works in an individual capacity, with their own shipment and inventory maintenance and responsibility to ensure law-abiding work ethics during their conductance of business. We provide a platform to these sellers but share no role in manufacturing products, providing holding the inventory, and keeping the order shipments in line on behalf of the sellers. The content uploaded on EGGREE’s marketplace is made by individual sellers who are not employees, agents or represent the company in any way. Sellers are responsible for ensuring that they own the rights of the content they are using, and they are not infringing any third party’s property rights by posting it on our marketplace.

EGGREE has the right to disable any store or account which violates our Terms of Use , Intellectual Property Rights , or Prohibited Item Policy. We also has the right to take serious action against the abusers of our Intellectual Property Policies or Terms of Use. EGGREE  cannot give legal advice to sellers on matters of third-party intellectual property rights infringement. When we receives proper notice of infringement, we will then remove the material from our marketplace.


Notices of Intellectual Property Infringement

The first action that EGGREE takes against allegations of property rights infringement is the removal of the material from the marketplace in an efficient and fast manner. Once the content is removed or disabled, EGGREE contacts the affected party and inform them about the removal of the material from the marketplace. If an allegation of copyrights infringements is given, they are informed about the ways to submit a counter-notice. EGGREE may also provide a copy of the violation notice to the affected party, along with the name and e-mail address of the reporting party, so that both can get in touch to resolve the matter.

EGGREE may require extra information before proceeding with actions necessary for the notice. This extra information includes identity verification of the reporting party and the documentation related to the claimed right. EGGREE has the right to reject notices or counter-notices if we believe they are false, incomplete, or aimed at defaming others. EGGREE also has the right to take action against the abusers of this policy.


Repeat Infringement

EGGREE reserves the right to terminate seller’s accounts if they are found guilty of repetitively infringing intellectual property rights. If we have evidence to believe that a seller opened another account after the first account was terminated, then we can withdraw access to all the services of EGGREE. These actions apply to any type of account being used or having any association with the affected party. According to our Terms of Use, EGGREE has the right to terminate any account at any time, for any reason, and without giving any notification in advance.



If you received a notification of infringement of property rights and want to know more about it, then visit our Intellectual Property Rights support page.

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