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Eggree believe that we need to keep pace with the time, as well as being perseverant and hard-working, which is the key to gain a firm foothold and get great progress in the furniture market in a short time.

Eggree is a wholesaler of furniture for residential or business utility in the United States and Europe. A number of retailers from USA and EU order, stock, sell and reorder from us. We have a wide range of options in home furniture: sofas, coffee tables, sofa beds for the living room; modern beds, dressing tables for the bedroom; dining tables and chairs for the dining room; lounge chairs and patio sets for outdoors, etc.

With a great number of customers in the United States and Europe, we are a constantly expanding firm. In roder provide optimal levels of customer service, we need more local affiliates which are able to take care of the needs of our customers, handling accounts, delivery and promotion (informing them about our new products and services.)

We are looking for dedicated and experienced professionals who can work at flexible hours and who can handle emergencies efficiently. Good communication and marketing skills are also important. The salary & commission based on certain criteria.

What matters most is to be pride and happy during your work with your employers and to gain expected salary. We can guarantee both of these and if you become a part of Eggree team you can gain more.

To know more about the advantages of becoming our local affiliate or to post your applications, kindly contact


What We Offer

Over 2000 items in stock everyday

Direct containers from China or EU

Mixed containers from Toronto and Montreal

Drop ship from our warehouses

Manufacturer and online retailer wholesaler friendly


Who can become a Eggree authorized dealer?

A candidate must:

  • Have furniture related business such as physical furniture store, online furniture store or a design firm.
  • Online store must have a working website that deals with furniture and maintain constant traffic.
  • Furniture dealer's references must be current and active.


How do I become a dealer?

Fill out an application online.

Send a copy of valid Business License and Tax ID number by fax or email to

Provide at least 2 references of current furniture suppliers.

VERY IMPORTANT - All information on documents must match to the application filed online.


How do I place an order?

Send your order and the following details via e-mail only. Verbal orders will not be accepted.

  • Does your order require a palletizing? Yes/No.
  • How will you be making the payment?
  • Who will pick up the order and when?
  • Which location it will be picked up from?
  • What products (SKU & Color IDs) are you interested in? (Include quantities of each product)

Confirming the order

Confirm your order by signing the sales order send us an e-mail confirming the order.

Unconfirmed orders will NOT be processed.


How do I make a payment?

Pre-Payment types accepted:

Cash direct deposit

Bank Transfer Direct deposit

Wire transfer

Credit Card