Mid-Century Modern Eames Armchair, Plastic Seat with Beech-made Eiffel Legs and Steel Rods for Reading, Chatting, Dining in the Living Room, Dining Room, Waiting Room and Kitchen

Eames Armchair


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Meet a different modern armchair evolved from Charles Eames model, owning uniqueness while similarity is still maintained. Polypropylene shell is molded into a swooping back, inviting user into its private space, Soft padding atop will offer more softness and armrest is added to give a better reading,chatting and other entertainment experience. Matallic connecting rods are structured in standard for a long-time worry-free stability, moreover, base of beech reinforced the interior for a great sturdiness. Covered with plastic protectors, they are assured of any damage free to any floors. Water-resistant and easy maintenance features makes it a excellent choice for multiple setting like living room, dining room even the kitchen.

Polypropylene shell seat
Beech wood base
Metallic connecting rods


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