Colma Tulip Patchwork Chair

Colma Tulip Chair


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Colma Tulip Patchwork Chair

Featured with solid wooden legs, this mid-century ergonomic chair is designed with irregular geometrical patterns which holds several hundred pounds. shock-resistant wooden leg provides great support for surprisingly stable sitting. Plastic stoppers in the bottom are added to keep it from slipping. Patchwork fabric design chair will be a perfect item for living room, kitchen, dining room and other home settings.

Basic Information

Color: Patchwork

  • Ergonomically rounded corners and edges
  • Special and irregular geometrical patterns
  • Plastic stoppers for scratch-free stability
  • Side Chair with good design and durability, extremely sturdy
  • Retro mid-century dining room chairs, great addition to any dining table
  • Back cannot be tilted
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