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EGGREE is not a curated marketplace. However, some items are prohibited to sell on EGGREE. The reasons for their exclusion include posing a legal threat, being incoherent with our values, dangerous for our members, or simply not complying with the essence of EGGREE. This policy highlights things that are not allowed on EGGREE.

We exhibit a zero-tolerance policy for the prohibited items that promote or support hatred within the community, violence of any kind, or are simply unlawful. Sellers who fail to comply with these prohibitions can be subjected to responses like termination of account according to the Terms of Use.
you agree to both this policy and Terms of Use.The following types of products are prohibited on EGGREE:
1.Alcohol, Tobacco, Medical or Non-medical Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia
2.Animal Products and Human Remains
3.Dangerous Items: Weapons, Hazardous or Recalled Items
4.Hate Items: Items Promoting Hatred
5.Illegal Items: Items Promoting Illegal Activity, Highly Regulated Items
6.Internationally Regulated Items
7.Pornographic Content or Mature Content
8.Violent Products: Items Promoting Violent Activities

To ensure that our policy-making process is clear and insightful, we back our decisions with rationale. The details of implementing these decisions and the examples of products that are clear to be on EGGREE are mentioned.

We reserve the right to remove any listing that we find not in accordance with the values of EGGREE. If any violation occurs, we also have the right to terminate or suspend any selling privileges of the guilty party, i.e., the respective seller.

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